Vamos Adds Popular Events Feature, iOS 6 Support

By David Knight |

Take a quick glance at event discovery app Vamos on any given evening and you’ll see just how many take place in Berlin. So how do you know which ones are the cool ones? Now there is a new popularity feature in the app which sorts events by how many people have said they are going.

Vamos pulls together events from Facebook and enables users to see what’s going on around them. The new feature has been prompted by feedback since the app was launched in the App Store in August, with users seeking a way to narrow down the options. In larger cities, the sheer number of events can be a little overwhelming.

This also holds true for someone visiting a city where they don’t know anyone – they will now be able to see which the most popular events are.

The update also sees an improved loading time of pulling in events and seeing where your friends are going, as well as adding iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support.

Co-founder David Prentell told Silicon Allee: “Imagine if you don’t have that many friends attending events – say on a weekday night or if you are travelling. An event with lots of people going will give you an indication of what’s popular, much like the views count on a video on Youtube or a liked post on Facebook. And when you are in a city like Berlin, and get 300 events on a Saturday, this can be a great way to highlight the biggest events.”

Vamos has seen steady growth since its launch, and the four-strong founding team are now setting their sights on the lucrative South American market.