IFTTT Channel Helps Keep Moped Users in the Loop

By Conor Rushby |

Messaging service Moped has launched its own channel on IFTTT which helps you stay on top of various Internet profiles as well as things like the weather or the stock market.

It means the Berlin-based startup can now message users when a chosen action has triggered a response through IFTTT. For instance, you can be alerted when Facebook stock drops below $15, when someone you follow on SoundCloud uploads a new track, or when a particular item is added to Etsy or Craigslist.

As convenient as instant messaging and as quick as texting, with Moped users are not tied to a particular device – messages are accessible from desktop, mobile and even your email inbox. The IFTTT channel has enhanced the capabilities of Moped considerably, as opposed to messaging either someone else or yourself.

IFFT works by getting users to select a particular channel, and then choosing particular ingredients to trigger a response from an action. So to get cooking with Instagram and Dropbox for example, you could use the trigger of a new photo of you appearing on Instagram to cause it to be put into your Dropbox. So far there are 56 channels on IFTTT – plenty to make different recipes from.

Previously Moped has integrated third party APIs into its service, but now IFTTT is the first third party to integrate Moped’s own API. That, as yet, has not been made public, but Moped CEO Schuyler Deerman told Silicon Allee more will be announced about it next year.

Earlier this year, Moped launched its Rich Messaging feature which allowed embedded content in messages, providing a preview of the content, whether it be from SoundCloud, YouTube, blog posts or anything else.

Schuyler said he now wants to widen the appeal of the service: “Moped wants to make messaging more web friendly by integrating with web services that you use and love. With IFTTT, Moped connects your messages to a whole host of other services. And this is only the beginning.”