Video Mash Up Service Weavly Integrates with Loopcam API

By Conor Rushby |

Video mashup startup Weavly has announced a partnership with Loopcam to integrate the gif-making app’s API. Weavly, an online editor, allows users to create video remixes inside their browser, providing legal access to multimedia content from YouTube, SoundCloud, and now Loopcam.

Loopcam launched its API in September in a bid to create a global infrastructure and community for gif loops. The API helps users find loops through keywords and will present information about a particular loop, while third party gifs can also be uploaded.

The upshot of Weavly’s integration is that Loopcam users can now make longer extended videos of several gifs like this, and integrate music too. Currently in open beta, Weavly launched around the same time as Felix Baumgartner’s descent from the heavens. To their surprise a mashup of all of Baumgartner’s jumps from their site was picked up by the Huffington Post, resulting in a spike of interest.

The team behing Weavly, originally from Vienna, are in town for Startupbootcamp Berlin – making the 20 strong shortlist from more than 300 applicants – and met Loopcam through Espen Systad at

Co-founder Oliver Lukesch told Silicon Allee he is very grateful for the help the accelerator has provided: “Startupbootcamp immediately introduced its teams to some of the key players in the scene and we have been feeling quite good here ever since. The mentors they brought us into contact with are great – they range from usability experts from Xing to the CEO of Amen, [Felix Petersen], and from people at Gidsy to mentors from Techstars in the US.”

Oliver and his fellow co-founders Christian Eder and Jürgen Riedl have enjoyed the Berlin experience so much they are planning to leave a Weavly contingent in the city to make full use of what it has to offer.

He explained the crucial difference between Berlin and Vienna for their startup. “Both are quite open and have exciting people inside, but Berlin ist definitely bigger on almost every level. One key difference is the angels and investors scene. It’s almost impossible to get a decent investment for a project like Weavly in Vienna – even getting to know people who could connect you to relevant angels and investors is quite a task.”

With the integration complete, the team are now looking forward to coming out of beta, and they are now gearing up to pitching to investors at the Bootcamp demo day, on Tuesday November 27, which will see them pitted against ten other teams from the accelerator. Tickets are free, and available here.