Film Discovery Platform FOUNDD Launches iPhone App

By Conor Rushby |

Film recommendation and discovery app FOUNDD has launched a new iPhone app, allowing users to find content to watch from their phones as well as on the web. It comes after a successful year for the Berlin-based startup as it reached one million film ratings just five days after its July launch.

FOUNDD wants to tap into the trend towards on-demand, mood-based content for those who don’t know exactly what they want to watch. The new app provides personalised recommendations based upon user ratings until it is able to create a watchlist for recommended movies. You can also have group watchlists to help avoid those arguments over what to watch.

The jump to iPhone reflects another market trend, according to the company’s CEO Lasse Clausen, as consumers are now more willing to watch content on the go, from their phones: “We’re excited to be taking the first step towards the multi‐platform discovery experience. Smartphones are always present when people are enjoying digital entertainment. So it’s the logical next step to provide our service on the device and in the environment where people like to use FOUNDD most.”

FOUNDD is set to follow up the iOS launch with further apps for TV shows, games, internet videos, and books with the aim of creating an all-encompassing digital entertainment discovery platform.

Lasse, who is currently in San Francisco courtesy of HY Berlin, added: “While there are several existing discovery services for individual verticals, we see that as a whole, the discovery experience is impersonal and fragmented. We’re trying to fix it by providing a comprehensive, personalized solution. One service that adapts the content selection to match your taste, wherever you go in the entertainment world.”