All-New Wunderlist 2 Set for Launch Before Christmas

By David Knight |

Wunderlist 2, the new product from 6Wunderkinder, will hit the virtual shops just in time for Christmas. The task management tool will be available on iPhone, Mac, Web, Android and Windows, according to a blog post on the company’s website. There is also an accompanying video.

The Berlin-based startup developed the original Wunderlist merely as a trial for its later sibling, Wunderkit – but 6WK performed a u-turn in September and announced it would concentrate solely on its original product.

Wunderlist 2 has been in private beta for some time and was submitted to Apple for approval earlier this week. It has been completely redesigned, 6WK says, with brand new native applications across all devices, a simpler and more intuitive UI, better graphics and a “supercharged” backend.

In fact, the blog post claims it will look “so beautiful in its details it will take your breath away.” There is also a promise that new features and improvements will be rolled out on a regular basis after the launch.

When the decision was taken to bin Wunderkit, which was only launched in February, the original Wunderlist had already been downloaded 5.5 million times with its 3 million registered users having created more than 100 million tasks, making it one of the most popular productivity apps around. 6Wunderkinder CEO Christian Reber said at the time: “As a startup such impressive active user numbers are what guide your business.”