Play By the Rules and Party: Celebrating Christmas, Startup-Style

By David Knight |

A napkin, a shot glass and a single plastic glove – sitting down to this particular dinner was always bound to be a slightly alternative experience. That’s because it was a Ploonge dinner, Klash-style. It was certainly a great way to kick off the Vamos & Friends Christmas party at the Kunztschule in Mitte, which went on long into the night.

And someone out there will recognise the headline to this story as it was one of the ones scrawled down on the Silicon Allee blackboard as part of the evening’s fun. Playing by the Klash rules, it turned out, was vital in order to avoid too much ‘punishment’ vodka and stay upright.

The rules included no pointing (use your elbows instead), no names (everyone was Sissi or Franz), clinking bottles and ‘cheers’-ing every time you drank, and a ban on feeding yourself – the plastic glove to allow others to feed you the pizza.

It was quite an experience.

Afterwards, the tables were cleared away and a decent crowd enjoyed some great music and an awesome party. The event was chiefly organised by Vamos, alongside Klash, Scrappd, Ploonge, EyeEm, Tonka PR and Silicon Allee.

We left some chalk by the blackboard to see if any of the revelers could come up with a great headline – and the contest seem to serve as proof that sub-editing isn’t as easy as it looks!

We liked the winner – “Play by the rules and party” – because it included a number of different elements of the night. Others which, ahem, didn’t quite make the grade included “Klashed, Ploonged and Sh*tfaced!” and “Lining each other’s stomachs at Startup Xmas”.

Then, of course, there was the genius “Click here and gain 500k from CR Ventures!” – sure, a rubbish headline, but a great way to get people to look at the article…

As the evening grew later and the beer continued to flow, the headline contest descended into a doodle/naughts and crosses/random words contest. That was our key to pack up and go home, even as the party continued ever on.

Things got a little… messy