Facebook Launches Voice Messaging with VOIP ‘Being Rolled Out’

By David Knight |

Facebook has officially unveiled a voice function for its messenger app as it begins to roll out voice chat across the service. Users will be able to send short voice messages thanks to updates on both the iOS and Android versions.

The addition of voice comes just two weeks after the introduction of a Snapchat-style app incorporating video and picture functionality.

Pressing the ‘+’ in a message window on the updated app will present you with the option of attaching a photo or smiley or recording a voice message. You hold down the button while speaking and let go to send. If you want to delete instead of send, just move your finger upwards and the message will be cancelled.

Voice messages are limited to one minute and can be sent to any Facebook friend, who can then listen to them via the messenger app or through their desktop.

The new function is part of a wider roll out of voice functionality from Facebook. The VOIP service will be introduced over the next few weeks, the company says, offering a Skype-style service from within its apps.