Discover Berlin’s Gritty Music Scene on the Network Awesome Show

By David Knight |

Underground music is inextricably linked to Berlin – the scene is gritty, innovative and authentic. And Network Awesome, the world’s largest curated online video channel, is trying to capture the creativity of the city’s musicians in its first original series, which premiered this week.

The Network Awesome Show takes it inspiration from a public-access program in New York in the 1970s called TV Party. The result, the show’s makers say, is a vivid portrait of some of Berlin’s brightest artists, including Stereo Total, Puppetmastaz and Guido Möbius.

Episodes last between 15 and 25 minutes and will be broadcast each Tuesday on the Network Awesome site before being uploaded to YouTube the same day. The series was recorded from July 23-27 at NK in Berlin hosted by D. Strauss. A total of 26 artists were featured.

It’s the first original show from Network Awesome – although two more are in production – which also curates content from YouTube in order to “provide a daily TV experience that doesn’t melt your brain.” All the curation is done by people rather than software.

The new show comes as the American online TV network, which launched its production company in Berlin in 2011, approaches the three million video view mark. There are more than 7,000 films, documentaries, shows and video collections in its archive – and the whole thing is run by 203 international volunteers.

Mystical Communication Service perform on the Network Awesome Show