‘Cool Stuff on the Go’ App Unlike Launches in 20th City, Tel Aviv

By David Knight |

It’s one of the best ways to find cool stuff on the go – and now the Unlike app has been launched in Tel Aviv, its 20th city. The Berlin-based city guide platform curates Points of Interest (POIs) in categories like food, culture, after dark and hotels, but only the best places make the grade.

Following a complete redesign of the service, the app was launched in August, and provides users with a meaningful way to share their cities. They can follow each other and in a given location will see content shared by their friends and contacts, as well as Unlike’s editorial content.

This creates a real time feed of user-generated content with the best selected by editors to be featured in the city listings. In time, the aim is to build a community of ambassadors for each city who will share their content and receive rewards.

Founder Marley Fabisiewicz told Silicon Allee last year: “We are trying to merge the two worlds; curate everything and create this unique user experience for people who are maybe between 25 and 40, rather hip, into travelling, design- and architecture-oriented people, and the thing I love about Unlike is that you’ll find five-star hotels, but you’ll also find the best kebab place or currywurst stand. We try to show the best of all the worlds. You just have to have this spirit of something unique, unlike anything else.”

Current cities included on the platform include Berlin, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and Warsaw, and expect to see more added soon.