Musicplayr Integrates Gracenote to Enable Even Deeper Music Discovery

By David Knight |

Music discovery and playlist creator platform Musicplayr has integrated Gracenote’s audio fingerprint technology to allow it to automatically index music on the Web. Using Musicplayr, which took part in the Berlin vs. London TwiST battle last year, you can create and share playlists using music content from a host of different online sources.

The hook up will give users access to an archived music database with music on the Web identified by Gracenote – leading to deeper discovery and curation.

Using the free Musicplayr platform, songs and videos from sources such as YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud can be stored together within a playlist and listened to one after the other without interruption. Users can discover new music by following each other and sharing their playlists.

Co-founders Thorsten Luettger and Stefan Vosskoetter created the platform in August 2011 as a side project after an attempt to use Tumblr as a music playlist proved unsatisfactory.

Now, using Gracenote’s music recognition technology, there is a new Discover page where you can browse by artist, music profile and hashtag. Forthcoming features include the ability to filter your archives and playlists by genre, artist and release date.

Thorsten said: “Clean meta data is the key for a lot of things you will see in the future. Now the service knows what music the user likes so we can offer the right people to connect with and make the discovery experience even better in the future.”