Screenfeeder Adds Facebook in New Free-to-Download App

By Simone ODonovan |

Nxtbgthng has rereleased Screenfeeder as a free-to-download app (add-ons still cost extra) and has added Facebook integration. The attractive second screen platform for social media was first launched last April, and up till now cost €1.59. It allows users to follow a mix of social media feeds in real time on iPhone and iPad, originally including Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and Dribbble.

And with Screenfeeder 1.5 you can now also see your Facebook notifications in the feed, with users able to filter status updates, photos videos and links to match their tastes. The old app – now dubbed Screenfeeder Classic and available for €3.59 – provided a high quality user experience, and nxtbgthng says its new release will be a beautiful, easy and relaxed way to keep up to date with events.

Users are given one free service to follow, with additional platforms costing €0.89 each, or €2.69 for unlimited access. The app works by displaying ‘events’ such as tweets or check ins across the screen every few seconds, allowing you to follow your social network sphere without having to spend time and energy navigating between different apps.

Nxtbgthng is an agency that has worked on iOS apps belonging to companies including Carhartt and SoundCloud. Co-founder Thomas Kollbach said: “We built Screenfeeder so you can use your iPad or iPhone to see what’s happening on your social networks from the corner of your eye.”

The new Screenfeeder was launched in the App Store on Thursday.

When it was launched, nxtbgthng’s Gernot Poetsch told Silicon Allee that the key to Screenfeeder – which was developed in conjunction with Edenspiekermann, was that fact it was in real time: “Everything here is optimised for being consumed very quickly. You just glance over to your iPhone or your iPad where you can see this content. You can read it in three seconds and then go back to your work; you don’t have to scroll through a long list. It’s very practical during meetings, conferences or whatever, or just breaking that cycle of having to check these different apps all the time; the ones where, when you’re done checking, you start from the beginning again.”