Amen Officially Launches Thanks, the Best of Everything App

By David Knight |

Amen has officially launched its new product, Thanks. The app enables users to find the best of everything including music, films, restaurants and things to do using rankings generated by the data from the ‘best and worst’ Amen platform. You can also ask friends and experts for advice.

A blog post revealing the launch said: “The Amen community has created millions of bests, from the best movie with Bill Murray, to the best hangover breakfast, to the best burger in Berlin (The Bird, clearly). Now we’re making it all easier for you to find.”

News of the new service from Amen leaked out in January, and afterwards CEO and co-founder Felix Petersen told Silicon Allee that the unique recommendation lists Thanks creates will make it a success. He said: “Thanks is focusing on answering a real question for the user. It’s focusing on utility and gives our users a real reason to come back often. … It is also a different kind or paradigm, it’s ‘how can I help?’ instead of ‘This is my opinion and I am right.’”

According to Friday’s blog post, Thanks “does all the heavy lifting for you.” You can open the app up and ask for the best something, and it will rank answers according to what your friends think and expert recommendations. If there aren’t any good answers, Thanks says it can identify the experts amongst your friends so you can ask them directly.

If you’re already an Amen user, your account data will be automatically carried over to Thanks.