HowDo Releases Updated Version 1.1 with Curated Collections

By David Knight |

It’s one of the best methods out there for explaining how to do something in clear and simple terms – and now HowDo has released version 1.1, the first major update since its launch late last year. The new product includes a simplified feed, curated collections, a faster and smoother creation flow and easier commenting.

HowDo enables users to post tips and tricks of how to finish a task successfully using a series of pictures and explanatory commentary; be it an outfit pimping guide or all you need to know about peeling an egg. We use it ourselves at Silicon Allee – it’s an idiot-proof favourite of the more tech-minded for explaining basic things to the rest of us – which we like to think is usually a good sign.

The company was founded in Stockholm last May by Brit Emma Metcalfe and Swede Nils Westerlund after a trip to India, which caused them to consider the enormous amounts of untapped knowledge prevalent in the small things in life. Having been joined by third co-founder Edward Jewson, they launched HowDo in October before following the well-beaten entrepreneurial path from Sweden to Berlin a month later.

The team also attracted investment from serial angel investor Peter Read as well as Wellington Partners and Horizon Ventures.

HowDo boasts an iOS app and web platform, with the aim of capturing, collecting and sharing “epic stories of everyday knowledge.” Following the latest release, Emma said: “We’ve grown into a vibrant community of creatives. From vegan food bloggers in India to Arduino hackers in Stockholm, HowDo has become a natural platform for makers and DIY-ers to inspire and get inspired. It’s people’s little tricks that makes it magic.”

Version 1.1, she added, is an important step in making the platform more fun for people to discover new fields of learnings and share their own. The new version sees curated collections, for example, celebrate maker and DIY, food geekery, life hacks and fun & quirky.