The Third Degree: Giorgio Bertolini of Ploonge

By Simone ODonovan |

This week in the Third Degree, our regular Friday feature where we chat with some of Berlin’s best and brightest CEOs, we spoke to Giorgio Bertolini of Ploonge about emerging countries, a positive web culture and why Berlin is like a child.

SILICON ALLEE: If you weren’t the CEO of a startup, what would you be doing?

GEORGIO BERTOLINI: I would be looking for a different challenge; it wouldn’t matter what kind as long as it’s a challenge. However, right now I can’t see myself doing anything else other than this exact project.

SA: What do you like about Berlin?

GB: I think Berlin is like a child waking up after an inspiring dream. It’s full of young people from different social backgrounds willing to challenge themselves, build innovative projects together and share their dream. I can feel positive energy in the air.

SA: East or West Berlin?

GB: I like the Prenzlauer Berg area with its mix of fancy and underground atmospheres. So, I’d say East.

SA: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

GB: I like to do sport outdoors, mainly swimming and tennis. I also like to travel a lot and explore new places.

SA: If you leave Berlin where do you like to go?

GB: I’m very interested in emerging countries such as South America and Asia.

SA: What is your favourite cafe/bar/restaurant?

GB: I really enjoy Michelberger Cafe – it’s really great to relax there with friends. I also like to have informal meetings there.

SA: If you could employ anybody who would you choose?

GB: That’s easy. I would employ anybody who believes in this project as much as the team does.

SA: How do you think Berlin as a city will develop in the next decade?

GB: Unfortunately, I think Berlin will gradually become a normal city, a normal metropolis of Western Europe with skyscrapers and an expensive standard of living. But I hope this will come as late as possible. Berlin is fascinating as it is, for us today, but nothing lasts forever.

SA: What do you think the Internet will look like in ten years?

GB: I think the Internet will go on to disrupt many more barriers. It is fundamental to build a positive web culture which will use the power of the Internet to improve our lives and give more opportunities to everyone in the world.