Uber B2B Sponsorships Up For Grabs in Online Auction

By David Knight |

It’s hard to make a splash in Berlin as a new event, and the organisers of Uber B2B fear it’s being lost in the crowd. To that end, they have come up with an interesting way to fill up the last few sponsor slots.

Uber B2B is a conference which has grown out of the community in Berlin and which is aimed at tech-related business-to-business professionals. Attendees on June 17 will have the chance to mix with more than 200 B2B professionals from mid-sized and larger companies and a similar number of startup entrepreneurs, as well as the next generation who are currently studying at university.

And you can land the opportunity to sponsor the event by taking part in the 30-minute auction this Friday, May 31, at 2pm. The slots being put up for bids at the Sponsor Schluss Verkauf (SSV) include a name sponsorship, exhibition booths, food and drink sponsorships and a wifi sponsorship.

The auction will be hosted on Outbid and you have to register via Facebook or email beforehand. Successful bids will then receive an invoice to pay via PayPal.

The conference itself will feature more than 40 speakers including Christof Wittig, the new CEO of Madvertise, investors Paul Jozefak and Thomas Madsen-Mygdal and DailyDeal co-founder Fabian Heilemann. There will be a series of panels and workshops and a mix of people from spaces like IT, software, health tech and finance and disciplines such as marketing, business, engineering and social.

The Uber B2B conference takes place at the Kalkscheune and you can get your tickets here.