Integrated Travel Search Platform GoEuro Launches Open Beta

By David Knight |

GoEuro, a platform for integrated travel search across Europe, has launched into open beta with an impressive list of partner companies. The Berlin-based startup has teamed up with the likes of Deutsche Bahn, Eurolines and as it looks to outpace the competition by offering a more comprehensive product.

Led by founder and CEO Narem Shaam, GoEuro is a multi-mode travel website that allows users to search for connections between any two points and combine and compare air, rail, bus and car transport. Currently, Germany and the UK are the two most-served areas.

The company attracted a healthy $4 million (€3.1m) in seed funding three months ago from Battery Ventures and Hasso Plattner Ventures.

Other features of GoEuro include the ability to combine air with ground transportation and providing alternate airport choices. Users can search for journeys based on price, total time taken and routing.

To achieve this, the platform essentially brings together large amounts of data from a variety of transport providers – meaning to get from Wolfsburg to Brighton, say, you don’t need to check the Deutsche Bahn website, different airlines, and the British train network.

Naren said: “Our goal is to provide the best possible travel planning experience, as well as the most competitive fares, without any additional fees to our users. A key part of this is to become a leader in a new category of online travel that goes beyond the dispersed offerings focused on airlines and airports as the start and end points of the journey. … GoEuro makes travel planning simple, flexible and personal for everyone.”

The company is currently looking to add to its list of partners as it faces off against stiff competition from the likes of recently-launched Waymate. The winner in this space will surely be the one who can offer the most comprehensive service – the whole point of using such a platform is to do it all in one go.

And they have a particular attraction for bus and rail companies, which are given the opportunity to compete on an even playing field against the airlines which tend to dominate travel search.

As for money, GoEuro’s service will remain free to users, with monetisation coming through revenue sharing agreements on ticket sales with its travel partners.