DELIGHT-ful New Technology: xymatic Launches 3D Web Engine

By David Knight |

Who says Berlin doesn’t do new technology? The DELIGHT engine is a next generation HTML5 3D technology which has been launched by Berlin-base xymatic after more than three years in development. It enables 3D games and applications directly in your browser on any device without plugins and its creators hope it will encourage a new generation of web content.

Developers worldwide can obtain early access to work with the HTML5/WebGL-based engine, with the lack of plugins improving security and inter-device operability. The idea is one application, on all devices, instantly, and xymatic co-founder Timo Bolse said the ultimate aim is to bring out the best in the web.

“We want the web community to be able to build first-class applications that truly leverage the power of the web,” he said. “We want to get rid of all the hacks, workarounds and greedy shortcuts that are out there. Our vision is a web that is the superior platform – and DELIGHT engine aims to pave the way reaching that goal.”

For example, using DELIGHT a game can be played on an Android device, a MacBook, a PC and so on without installing it everywhere; you could also pause a game on one device and resume it from where you left off on another.

Frederik Maucksch, CTO and fellow xymatic co-founder, told Silicon Allee that he believes in the future, applications developed on the web will outpace native applications, and that DELIGHT’s ability to allow integration with existing websites and web services can be crucial. He said: “The rapid advance of web technology and web standards such as WebGL, WebRTC or WebAudio is just stunning. But with these possibilities also comes added complexity. DELIGHT engine greatly reduces this complexity, allowing web developers to focus on groundbreaking solutions, rather than implementation details.”

Founded in early 2011, previous products from xymatic – which is currently in an open investment round – include the award-winning reflow, an augmented reality puzzle game for iPad and iPhone, and xycall, an app acting as a broker for smartphone calls within a peer group, thus enabling users to get more out of their mobile service contracts.