From Baby Monitors to IM Translation: SBC 13 Participants Chosen

By Silicon Allee |

After two days of intense mentoring and pitching, 20 startups were whittled down to 11 in the latest selection process for Startupbootcamp Berlin. They will now go on to the three-month accelerator program starting next month to develop their ideas, business models and products.

And they represent quite a range of ideas, as well; from unborn baby monitoring and film location discovery to messasge translation and a universal inbox.

The winners hail from across Europe and the US and were chosen by the judges in consultation with investors and partners. They were looking for qualities such as coachability and drive, and here is a run down of each one:

1SDK is trying to combine payment SDKs from various app stores into a single, cohesive development kit. Rather than forcing creators to remake their payment schemes for various platforms, the program allows them to take advantage of 1SDK’s software-as-a-service – cutting out the inconvenience and allowing new ways of taking advantage of one’s customers.

Achieved tracks the qualitative aspects of its customers – such as books you have read and courses or conferences you have has attended – and attempts to quantify them. It also rewards your efforts, as well as suggesting what to do next in order to continue your growth. The set up is looking to gamify your everyday life, and so make it a less painful process.

Avuxi is attempting to consolidate the abundance of information available on locations, hotels and destinations, and make it easily understandable. Finding out what’s popular, and for whom, in real-time allows snap decisions to be made. Fettling down the time it takes to search out relevant results, its team argues, means that their idea will become popular amongst all technological travelers.

BabyWatch wants to fill the niche in the market for cheap, comprehensive unborn baby monitors. It works by linking a palm-sized ultrasound device with your mobile phone, and can display a variety of precise statistics while still being easy to use.

Chatlingual is attempting to accomplish two things: breaking down the language barrier between those who lack mutual intelligibility, and creating the most nuanced and advanced translator in the world through user feedback.

Codebender is an online collaboration platform for Arduino developers, permitting projects to be created via joint effort. As an Integrated Development Environment, Codebreaker gives creators a medium with which to experiment.

Flux aims to be the sole inbox you use, by aggregating all of your messages, emails and chat channels into a single interface. All conversations and contacts would be conglomerated into Flux, ideally allowing users to concentrate more fully on communication rather than time-wasting navigation.

Foodzai is an idea for a P2P online food marketplace dubbed the Etsy of food which would allow users to send food to, and receive it from, other people. Its founder notes that personal recipes often have a twist that puts them a cut above restaurant equivalents. Foodzai would take advantage of this.

High-Mobility looks to remove smartphone docks from vehicles by making wireless communication with drivers’ phones the norm. Connecting only with authorised devices, cars with High-Mobility enabled allow seamless mobile access. The technology will hopefully allow a safer next generation of transportation.

Reccy is a service that promises to connect photographers and filmmakers with obscure locations. Both location owners and the film and photography industries will benefit, as both time and money would be saved by allowing an easy method of connecting the invested parties together. Untapped locations, moreover, would be given more of a chance.

Shoutr is a service that allows wireless communication between Android devices and networks. Its developers foresee it being used for inter-mobile networking, allowing high-speed file sharing and multiplayer gaming. Data is sent quicker than 4G due to Wi-Fi usage, and is also encrypted.