The Big Berlin Breakdown: July 15 – 21

By Silicon Allee |

Check out Silicon Allee’s weekly rundown of all the best events going on in our fair city: what’s happening, what’s coming up and what may be of interest whether you be investor, entrepreneur or hacker.


The Django User Group meet up is happening once again for those of you interested in the web app framework. Python programmers interested in website creation can join the meeting to gain more understanding of the Django architectural pattern. See here for more details. At Elisabeth-Abegg-Strasse 1, from 7pm.


The Usability Night, a usability testing event, will be a casual atmosphere augmented by free beer and pizza. It will provide an opportunity for having your product tested, and gaining feedback and insights into its user-friendliness. Join up here. At Schützenstrasse 25, from 6pm.

Ember.js enthusiasts, interested in the framework for creating web apps, are holding a sit-down talk about the developments in the program’s resources and community. Also due to feature in the discussion is talk about the upcoming EmberFest, which is taking place in Munich next month. You can find more information here. From 7.30pm.


Health Appification is an event that is looking to bridge the divide between doctors and patients. Including a Q&A with Dr. Barbara Rath, a pediatric infectious disease specialist, and Christian Hoppe, who specialises in ensuring the safety of vaccines, as well as a collaborative working session. At Leuschnerdamm 13, from 7pm.


The World Startup Report is visiting Berlin and will be hosting a panel discussion about what it is like to be involved in the startup scene here. Roman Kirsch and Tor Rauden Källstigen will be among those on the panel. You can sign up here. At betahaus at Prinzessinnenstrasse 19, from 7pm.