6WK Adds Dropbox-Style Files Feature to Wunderlist Pro

By David Knight |

6Wunderkinder has added the promised Dropbox-style feature to Wunderlist Pro, while also launching business accounts costing up to $1,750 a month. The Files feature enables users to upload and synchronize files across any device with unlimited storage and is designed to make managing a team’s projects easier by adding context to tasks.

The Berlin-based startup is hoping the new feature will help its to-do list app – which is used by more than 40,000 teams and businesses – make further inroads into the productivity market. Users can attach files of any type, such as photos, spreadsheets, presentation decks, PDFs and sounds, to their to-dos within Wunderlist, and they can then be shared.

The business pricing plans, meanwhile, are aimed at different team size – from $22.99 a month for five people, up to $1,749.99 for 500 or more.

Christian Reber, 6WK co-founder and CEO, said: “As we close in on five million registered users and continue to see the numbers of teams using Wunderlist grow, we to want further strengthen our business offering. Our goal with Wunderlist Pro is to solve each and every single pain point that exists when working within a team. With the launch of Files we are not only allowing our users to attach documents to their to-dos, but we have built the easiest way to share files amongst teams. Our Business Pricing Plans further simplify the process allowing you to choose and manage the right plan for you and your team via an intuitive dashboard.”

Wunderlist Pro is the first premium product from 6Wunderkinder. It is a version of Wunderlist 2, which was launched in December after the Berlin-based startup gave up on Wunderkit and focused its attention on a new version of its first product. Since launch, the app has been praised for its design as it battles for supremacy in a crowded market.