The Big Berlin Breakdown: August 26 – September 1

By David Knight |

Check out Silicon Allee’s weekly rundown of all the best events going on in our fair city: what’s happening, what’s coming up and what may be of interest whether you be investor, entrepreneur or hacker.


Techmeetups Berlin is hosting a legal masterclass featuring three presentations which will help entrepreneurs question and iterate their approach to funding, marketing and future-proofing their startup’s legal matters. Speakers include three experts from hosts RAUE as well as Michael Schulte of Förderbar. More info here. At Potsdamer Platz 1, from 6-9pm.


The ‘get IT together’ series of networking events see IT executives and professionals gather to keep track of what’s happening in their industry and to see two or three short 15 minute presentations. This month features Carsten Mehle, CTO of Crowd Guru, admineo CEO Eugen Martin and Sascha Möllering, software engineering team lead for Zanox. Afterwards there will be a barbecue and a chance to network. The only rule is no sales, marketing or HR people. More info here. At the Gravis store at Ernst-Reuter-Platz 9, from 7pm.


Startup Sparring is a monthly event where three founders get help with difficult online marketing and business strategy problems by sitting down with Oliver Moser, a ‘CMO as a service’ freelancer who previously worked for Groupon and founded two startups himself. The idea is to test their approaches with other startups and learn tools they can use themselves. The event is free; you can sign up here. At mobilesuite at Pappelallee 78, from 7pm.