Wunderlist 2 Hits 5.3 Million Users as 6WK Adds Comments Feature

By David Knight |


6Wunderkinder has spent a large part of this year targeting its to-do list app, Wunderlist 2, at businesses and, in particular, helping teams work together better. And as it launches its latest feature to that end, Comments, it seems to be working, with the Berlin-based company reporting that the app has so far racked up 5.3 million users.

Comments is a one-stop communication tool designed to make life simpler for work colleagues. It allows users to start a conversation, leave feedback, ask a question or add insight to to-dos, all in real time. Once a comment has been added, the others in the group will be notified via the platform’s Activity Center and email or push notification.

One of Wunderlist’s big advantages, its cross-platform functionality, means that those comments will be instantaneously available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows and the Web.

Christian Reber, CEO of 6Wunderkinder, said: “Communication within teams has always been difficult. There’s countless emails to keep track of, never ending meetings to attend, and endless feedback rounds to document. Yet, up until now there hasn’t been one tool that simply allows you to capture everything, from conversations to files, and everything in between.”

The addition of Comments to existing features like Files and Assigning, he added, would ease that communication across teams.

Comments, Files and Assigning will in future only be available in the paid-for Wunderlist Pro, which was launched in April, but for now are available to all users for free in a trial period.