Mister Spex Eyes Up Prescription Glasses After Bonanza Year in 2013

By David Knight |

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Having enjoyed a successful 2013, German e-commerce eyewear specialist Mister Spex – which saw customer numbers surpass a million and revenues hit €47 million – is set to focus on the prescription glasses market this year in a bid to improve market share.

In doing so, it is set to challenge Germany’s big name opticians, the likes of Fielmann, head on.

The revenue figure, which marks an 80 percent increase on 2012, will be especially welcome, and is evidence of the company’s increased efforts towards building outside its core market in Germany. The acquisition of Swedish competitors Lensstore and Loveyewear in July “contributed to the successful development of our business,” said founder and CEO Dirk Graber, while Mister Spex’s network of local partner opticians in Germany itself rose by 25 percent to 400.

Managing director Mirko Caspar, meanwhile, said: “We still see the greatest potential within prescription glasses. It is the biggest market, and initial consumer reservations about purchasing glasses online are diminishing. We have the largest available assortment of branded eyewear and our local service through our partner opticians means we are well positioned for growth.”

Mister Spex is based in Berlin where it was founded as a startup in 2007. The company is active in Germany, Sweden, Spain and France, and its investors include Team Europe, HTGF, Grazia Equity, DN Capital, XAnge and, more recently, the German Startup Group (GSG).