5 Courses to Your Startup’s PR Success

By Miriam Rupp |

A perfect PR campaign is like a perfect dinner. Only the individual courses, a skilled host, the right decoration and ambience, as well as a fine selection of the guests lead to a successful evening. But what are the perfect ingredients for the (startup) kitchen to make sure that everyone is pleased, from cook to the host and guests? To answer this question, Miriam is serving you the perfect menu for startup PR:

Aperitif: Sparkling digital business ideas of visionaries and entrepreneurs

Everything starts with an idea, whether it is the creation of a festive dinner, or the establishment of a new business. With the invitation to a 5-course menu, the host always wants to present to his guests something outstanding that inspires them and makes the evening unforgettable. No one will be blown away by reheated potato soup from yesterday, even if you try to spice it up with some salt and pepper and arrange it in a visually appealing manner. The same applies for startups: journalists and readers love NEW stories that are worthy of being told, written and read.

Appetizer: A big portion of enthusiasm for online media and new businesses with a pinch of the finest humor

Each story needs someone to tell it. And each menu needs someone to cook it. The work of PR people resembles that of a good cook. Only with a passion to try out new and sometimes unconventional meals to serve to the guests, recipe developers and hosts have the chance to see their creations come to life on the plates.

Intermediate course: essence of strategic approach harmonized with the client’s vision

Without the right ingredients, nothing works. Someone who buys instant soup cannot expect delicious, mind-blowing flavors. On the other hand, not everything that the kitchen cabinets offer has to be thrown into the pot. Applying this concept to PR means that for each press release, event and journalist pitch, the current and specific goals should always be kept in mind. Random ideas, irrelevant topics and unimportant media contacts should not be considered just because they are a temporary ”bargain offer”.

Main course: Artfully spiced mix of swiftness and flexibility paired with seasoned to taste performance PR

If you ever looked over the shoulder of a gourmet chef, who has to please many hungry guests in a busy restaurant, you know what really counts. Creating several meals under time pressure, without losing sight of the food’s quality and always aiming for the same goal: To whip up a both visually pleasing and tasteful menu in a short period of time. In other words: The day-to-day challenges of a good PR consultant.

Dessert: Varieties of clever texts, goal oriented journalist pitches and publications in relevant media outlets

Fast food like burgers and fries might help to feel satiated but after a short period of time, the stomach starts to growl again. The same is true for PR. Especially in the beginning fast and a large number of publications seem to be very important, particularly for unknown businesses. At the same time it is just as important to take the time to create content that offers true additional value to strengthen the branding and the expert positioning of the company. The result is like a good dessert: It was worth waiting for it the whole evening and its taste will linger for a long time.