Finding Tech Talent Online and Offline with Tash

By David Knight |

When people are moaning more about a lack of talent than money, things must be on the up. And so it is in Berlin, where finding the right technical talent is at the top of most founders’ worry list. And, inevitably, the problem gives rise to several solutions, such as the launch of the Startup Institute program in Berlin.

A different take is Tash, a new service looking to connect clients with software houses and design agencies which combines an online platform with face-to-face meetings. Emanating from the Startup Safary team, Tash aims to both help companies find the right talent and reduce the hiring process from weeks to days.

Tash co-founder Clarissa Steinhöfel said: “We’ve learned is that it takes companies four to six weeks on average to find the right team. We want to cut down this time to a couple of days.”

The new platform combines an online directory of service companies focused on working with Berlin clients and an offline event. This makes it easier to find companies offering the right services online and then meet the selected ones to see which is the right fit.

Tash is also set to offer keynotes and workshops on working remotely and with external teams.

Fellow co-founder Maciek Laskus said: “Our interviews with Berlin founders showed that there is a strong aversion to outsourcing, nobody does it. But when we dig deeper and ask how they built their mobile app or prepared website design, it turns out that they hired an external team to take care of that. We learned that ‘we don’t outsource’ means ‘we build our core in-house, but we are happy to delegate less important things outside.’”

Tash is hosting a meetup with Startup Berlin on March 25 at the Rainmaking Loft. Founders from European development companies will discuss how to avoid common challenges when building a product with an external team, and which rules to follow when working with teams in clouds.

You can find more info on the free event here.