An Easy Way for Developers and Designers to Learn Git

By Schuyler Deerman |

Git has become extremely popular in recent years. The version control system – initially developed by Linus Torvalds – is being used by teams, small and big, to collaborate and ensure quality in their development process. Version Control is an essential tool in today’s web and software worlds and a fundamental part of the workflow in both large and small teams.

However, despite it being recommended and valued by tech experts, a lot of designers and developers still haven’t made the move to Git, yet.

That’s why fournova – the company behind the popular Git client Tower – has announced the launch of a new learning platform: Learn Version Control with Git. The platform features a free online book, various ebook formats, a video course, and live online training.

“We see a lot of people shy away from learning Git – although it has almost become a standard by now. With this platform, we’re especially trying to help beginners of Git and version control get started more easily,” says the author of the book and CEO of fournova, Tobias Günther.

Fournova already helps more than 35,000 customers get the most out of Git with their own desktop client Tower. With this new learning platform, they want to enable even more people to learn version control with Git – no matter if they’re on a Mac or a PC, or if they’re using the Command Line Interface or a GUI.