The Joy of Sax: Network Over Some Jazz at re:publica 14

By David Knight |

Networking at big events always feels a bit rushed, a bit pressured. So many things to do, so many people to meet, so many talks to attend. But connections are often better made when you take a bit of time over them – quality over quantity.

With more than 5,000 people expected to attend at the cavernous Station Berlin, re:publica is the very epitome of a buzzing, frenetic tech festival. But there will also be the opportunity for a more laid back approach to enjoying the event.

It’s all about jazz – American Chris Bishop, the former owner of a legendary jazz bar in Cologne called Metronom, will be running his own joint at re:publica. You’ll be sipping a drink and relaxing to some melodic music (strictly on vinyl) before you know it at the appropriately-monikered Jazz Bar.

The sounds will include classical jazz, bepop and hard pop, and the hope is to reach out to those who wouldn’t usually listen to that kind of music.

Chris told the re:publica blog he was hoping to create an oasis, a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the conference outside: “I’m looking at a large, square room with a bar and a record player – and that’s where I’ll spin my records.”

The Jazz Bar will be open from 8.30am-10pm on Tuesday, May 6, from 9am-1am on Wednesday, May 7 and from 9am-2.30am on Thursday, May 8. The timing is good, too – re:publica, part of Berlin Web Week, has this year partnered with the XJAZZ festival taking place from May 8-11, which will feature 45 bands at six clubs.

Photo cc by re:publica/Dirk Haeger