The Boys are Back: Klash 2.0 Launches with New Friends-Only Challenges

By David Knight |

The Klash boys are back – the team behind the dare app have returned after a hiatus with the launch of version 2.0. One of the startups that defined Berlin’s alternative reputation in the tech world – no one will ever forget the mankini incident – Klash, which allows users to challenge each other to do crazy stuff, had disappeared from the headlines for a year or so, with some of the founders travelling abroad.

But they are back together now and have launched a new version of the app with the aim of regaining some lost momentum. The app promises lots of new features, a new UI and a clear separation between public and private dares, or Klashes, that users make.

“During our time in the US [where they went after winning the pitch contest at Pioneers Festival] we understood that the way people used social networks was changing,” said co-founder Alessandro Petrucciani. “People want more privacy, especially for social products like Klash.”

Thus, users have a separate friends section where all the activity remains out of the public view. “It’s all about good time with friends.These are the moments we want to create and capture.”

The team say their main goal – ‘bringing more laughs into the world by empowering the human being to excel their comfort zone and dare one’s friends as hard as possible’ – remains the same. Whether the world is ready to take Klash back is another matter, but either way, the world just got a bit louder…