Looking Back on 10 Years of Silicon Allee

By Travis Todd | Startup Life

Silicon Allee started with a simple sketch of a folded piece of paper, a hashtag, and a Twitter account. By 2020, we had funded 30 startup founders, introduced thousands of people to jobs, opportunities, investment, and hosted events with inspiring guests like Mitch Landrieu, Nalden, and Berlin mayor Michael Müller. What a wild ten years it has been!

2021 marks ten years of Silicon Allee’s engagement in the Berlin tech community. This year doesn’t really feel like the right time to have a celebration. Not yet. Maybe (hopefully) come Summertime we’ll all feel the Babylon-Berlin-Roaring-20’s vibe we’ve been promised. But for now, let’s call this a dedication, a reflection, another chance to show our solidarity with one another in this fractured and frustrating moment in our shared history. 

From our humble beginnings as a tech “blog”, through several pivots, crazy projects, liters and liters of coffee and beer, into the great team and massive community we have today, we’ve seen a lot. And we are really proud to still be around after ten years. I can never say this enough, but we didn’t do it alone. Of course, the former and current employees of Silicon Allee, our countless interns bubbling with enthusiasm, and our founders have put in more than their share of dedicated work. But, we’re part of a broad community of founders, investors, bloggers, risk-takers, hustlers, and hackers who’ve propelled the tide of startups in Berlin to make it the dominant industry of the city.

So, to mark our 10th birthday we will be hosting several events throughout this year and highlighting the great people and companies who have been on the ride with us so far. We even plan to launch a new product to make our worldwide community even more connected. 

We look forward to another year of Silicon Allee’s growth (come to think of it, we might even be Berlin’s first “Zebra” … maybe?) and are blessed to have supporters like you as part of our community. Thank you for a great ten years, and here’s to the future (one year at-a-time first ?)!

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