Breaking the Taboo of Menstruation: How Hormonella is Empowering Women to Take Charge of their Hormones

By Silicon Allee | Berlin Founders Fund

We interviewed Felicitas Dammertz from EA Health who co-founded Hormonella, they are one of the startups in our Berlin Founders Fund by Silicon Allee. 

In her interview she shares her personal success story with us that inspired her to create a product that could help many women who experience the same problems. Together with her Hormonella co-founders and a team of experts, she is tackling PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Their products help women minimize cycle discomfort in a healthy and sustainable way. This allows women to live to their full potential in every phase of their cycle. Her mission is supported by numerous gynecologists and over 200 pharmacies nationwide.

Most of us have seen it before: a breezy-looking woman jogs up a flight of stairs, has a slow motion pillow fight with her friends, or dances in a white dress on a meadow. We’re not describing a Gossip Girl episode here, but rather the typical commercial for menstrual products. For decades, the tampon and pad industry has not only been fooling us into thinking that periods are blue, but also that women will feel like they’ve been reborn during their periods. In reality, there is a very high chance that we will turn into Grumpy Cat for a long time and become another version of ourselves (that has absolutely no desire to dance across fields of flowers in a white dress).

Although the period affects almost every girl and every woman monthly, it is still talked about far too little. So let’s break the taboo and talk about it! 

As you read this article, 1 in 5 women are currently having their period. 

“With Hormonella, we are resolutely addressing the issue of the ‘gender health gap’ and specifically addressing menstrual and hormonal symptoms, such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or menstrual cramps. Because about 80% of all women suffer from severe cramps during their periods and 78% of all women suffer from physical and/or mental symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. In Germany alone, 13 million women suffer from cycle problems.”

Felicitas Dammertz has given this solution a name: Hormonella. 

With their FemCare startup, the founder has made it her mission to break the taboo surrounding menstruation and to combat dysmenorrhea and PMS symptoms with using herbal, vitamin and mineral combinations.

As a competitive athlete, Felicitas was exposed to high physical stress several days a month. The continuous overload and the strict dietary schedule upset her cycle to such an extent that her periods even stopped sporadically. Conventional therapeutic approaches such as the pill and painkillers were no solution.  The founder herself went on a search for alternative, holistic solutions and developed a whole new awareness of health. Her discoveries in the field of naturopathy, combined with a changing diet, have almost completely alleviated her PMS symptoms. She now wants to share this knowledge with the world.

Our mission: to free women from menstrual cycle problems and enable them to live out their full potential in every cycle phase!

These three products from Hormonella can help you on the path to hormone balance:

  1. Give it a break, Aunt Rosa (cycle cure)
  2. Free Hormonella hormone check
  3. Individual hormone consultation

Felicitas believes that cycle problems do not have to be accepted! She wants to encourage women to value their menstrual cycle and get to know their individual energy and mood patterns. Working with her own hormones, rather than against them, has changed the founder’s life – as it should be the case for every woman, so that she can be the best version of herself at any time.

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