Curated Men’s Fashion Platform Outfittery Goes Dutch

By David Knight |

Curated men’s fashion portal Outfittery has launched in the Netherlands, its fourth country, and it now claims to be Europe’s largest such platform. Based in Berlin, Outfittery has a team of experts who work with customers to identify outfits which are then be sent out for them to try on.

The company says it not only frees men from the stress of buying the right clothes, but also provides specific and general fashion advice. Three Dutch experts have been employed to help the badly-dressed of the Netherlands turn over a new leaf style-wise.

With the service already launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the choice of the Netherlands came about after a spike in deliveries to a small German town on the border with lots of Dutch fashion fans seemingly using the service and having the Outfittery boxes delivered to friends who lived there.

“Since Dutch men are fashion conscious and are happy to shop online, there are ideal conditions there [in the Netherlands]. In addition, the Dutch fashion market and the brand philosophy there are similar to those in the markets where we are already present,” said Outfittery CEO and co-founder Julia Bösch.

One of the Dutch experts taken on, named only as Laura, said: “My countrymen are modern and openminded; they like to shop and are very stylish. Scandinavian fashion brands in particular are in trend there at the moment, and Outfittery has of course also long been in the portfolio. We offer more than 150 high-quality fashion brands – so we ensure that we can find the best and most suitable outfit for every type of customer.”

The model used by Outfittery is an increasingly popular one, especially for men. A box of items picked out by the experts is sent to the customer for free. The box is then returned, and the customer is only charged for any items he has retained. The platform charges a fee, but without having to maintain sales premises, prices are similar to those in shops.

Outfittery boasts 100,000 customers and employs 100 staff, offering brands including Levis, Scoth & Soda and Tiger of Sweden. Competition in Berlin includes the likes of Modemoto.