6WK Announces ‘Completely Reengineered and Redesigned’ Wunderlist 3

By David Knight |

A “completely reengineered and redesigned” product has been promised by 6Wunderkinder for Wunderlist 3, which was officially announced on Thursday. The bullet point highlights of what the third generation of the productivity platform is set to offer include a new design, faster real-time syncing, instant list sharing and real-time conversations and notifications.

The launch will also see completely new apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and Web. According to the Berlin-based startup, Wunderlist 3 is aimed at transforming the way users create, manage and share lists, and it is hoped the new product will help 6WK cement its position as “the home of all the world’s lists.”

More details, including a launch date, are expected soon. The original Wunderlist was the first product from 6Wunderkinder, which is led by CEO and co-founder Christian Reber. Following a decision to abandon its much-heralded second product, Wunderkit, Wunderlist 2 was released in December 2012 and within ten months had seen user numbers rise above 5 million.

The company is set to move into its new home in the main Factory building in Berlin following its star-studded opening event in June, having closed a $19 million Series B round led by Sequoia Capital the previous November.

Check out a first look at the new Wunderlist 3 here.