A Fertile Market: Cycle Tracking App Clue Launches on Android

By David Knight |

Clue, an app designed to help women track their monthly cycles, has launched on Android more than a year after its iOS release. Having raised more than €1 million in funding this year – investors include Christophe Maire, Joanne Wilson, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal and Björn Jeffery – the launch is another step in helping women to collect insights on their reproductive health, from first period to menopause.

The app, which the companies describes as a “simple yet insightful alternative to ‘pink’ period trackers”, has seen users from 180 different countries log more than 25 million data points about their periods, moods, pain, sexual activity and more. This data is intended to eventually be used in scientific research (in an anonymised state).

There are plenty of potential growth possibilities for Clue and similar fertility apps, which are second only to running apps in terms of downloads in the health and fitness sector. The Berlin-based startup looks to mark itself out from the competition by being direct, and “leaving out the pink, butterflies and euphemisms to bring users an app that allows them to feel both confident and empowered,” according to a release.

“We deliberately avoided designing an app just for women and refused to design for stereotypes,” said Clue’s head of product Mike LaVigne. “Our goal is for Clue to become a tool that everyone can use, starting from their teens into adulthood. Clue users recognise the difference of our approach, and they love it.”

The free app helps users to know when to expect their period, PMS and fertile days, with a reminder function ensuring they are never caught by surprise. The Clue hopes to eventually be able to develop technology as an alternative to the birth control pill.

“Since the release of our iOS app last year, we focused on making Clue the best tool for female reproductive health,” said Ida Tin, Clue co-founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to bring the app that thousands of users have come to trust to Android.”