Powered by AI, Driven by People: Protecting Identities in an Increasingly Connected World

Berlin and London are home to cutting edge AI companies working to meet privacy demands for digital identities and online activity.

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Focus on Founders: Nicolas Heymann

In this interview we chat with Nicolas Heymann, co-founder of Heritage Type, a platform for artistic graphic design. He’s an introverted extrovert who believes in positive psychology and quickly killing things that don’t work.

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Focus on Founders: Deniz Ficicioglu and Jacob von Manteuffel

In this interview we chat with the co-founders of betterfish, Deniz Ficicioglu and Jacob von Manteuffel. They met serendipitously over their shared passion for seaweed and a vision to do something different. As co-founders they have complimentary skill sets and understand that building a startup requires fast decision-making, ambition, and a bit of naiveté.

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