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Tag Archives: Crowdfunding

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‘Android of Crowdfunding’ Indiegogo Raises $40m Series B

‘Android of Crowdfunding’ Indiegogo Raises $40m Series B

Crowdfinding platform Indiegogo, which prides itself on its global reach, has raised $40 million (€29.3m) in Series B funding. The company has been very active in Germany, being one of the partners behind the Gruender Garage contest and localising its platform into German and euros. The round has been led by Institutional Venture Partners – which recently invested in SoundCloud – and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB). The money will be used for new hires, global expansion and improving the user experience, with a focus on “mobile, personalization and trust.” Existing investors Insight Venture Partners, MHS Capital, Metamorphic Ventures and ff Venture Capital were also involved in the round. Read More »

Bootstrapping Business: Grow Your Company Without VC Funding

Bootstrapping Business: Grow Your Company Without VC Funding

In my 30 plus years of business, I’ve been an executive, advisor or investor in over two dozen companies. Some have been VC funded, some were angel funded, some were family funded, and some were classic one customer, 18-hour workday, sleeping in the office, eating top ramen, worrying about every paycheck, bootstrapped endeavors. From this experience, if I have any advice for young entrepreneurs, it would be to not take VC funding unless it’s absolutely necessary. When I say absolutely necessary I’m talking about startups building rocket ships or semi-conductors needing a new fab plant. I’m certainly not talking about a software-as-a-service company with a business efficiency tool. VC funding can make founders lazy, meaning loss of drive and focus. Read More »

Psyched Up: Unplug from Your Hyperconnectivity with OFFTIME

Psyched Up: Unplug from Your Hyperconnectivity with OFFTIME

It's a situation almost all of us will be familiar with: You sit there working away, deep in concentration, only for an email to drop into your inbox, or your phone to buzz with an incoming call or text. It can be enough to not only break your concentration, but lead you off on a tangent which can last hours. And so it's no surprise that there are many 'concentration app' products for maintaining the right mindset for working in today's communication-saturated world. One Berlin company, however, says that it has come up with the perfect solution. OFFTIME is an alpha-stage Android app which promises to manage and filter your calls and texts as well as your Internet activity; not only during working hours but also in your free time. Read More »

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