Focus on Founders with Darina Onoprienko + Lina Gundelwein

Darina Onoprienko and Lina Gundelwein, Co-founders at recognized firsthand the problems that coffee traders face when it comes to quality and aim to be impactful change-makers in this space.

How to Launch a Successful Kickstarter

On May 7th Stefanie Raffelsieper, Founder of Branayama, hosted our monthly BFF Founder Meetup on the topic of crowdfunding. They reached their initial goal of 10k € on day four of their Kickstarter campaign!

The Insidiousness of Greenwashing: a Panel Discussion

On April 23rd, in celebration of Earth Day, James Balzer led a critical discussion among panelists Lubomila Jordanova, Alina Bassi, John Paul Jose, and Namrata Sandhu on the insidious effects of greenwashing.